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Introducing virtual software: Better performance, reliability for campus

virtual applications

Library and Technology Services is retiring the Virtual Public Site, which offered users a way to run software virtually within a full desktop environment, on Thursday, August 17.

Remote Desktop Services: Improved Software Delivery Service to replace the Virtual Public Site

a screenshot showing the virtual site icon that will be removed and the applications you can run

LTS has implemented the next generation of the Virtual Public Site called Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for improved performance, portability, and ease-of-use.

Windows 10 being rolled out to university-owned faculty/staff PCs

Library & Technology Services (LTS) is pleased to announce that Windows 10 is now being deployed to university-owned faculty/staff PCs.

Laptops and Portable Chargers Available at Lehigh Libraries

loaner laptop with power pack

Do you find yourself rushing to find a spot in the library near a power outlet, only to find they're all taken? Laptop in the shop for repair and need a loaner? LTS has you covered!

Bitlocker Data Encryption Saves the Day

The “Computer” icon on your Windows desktop. Hard drives protected with Bitlocker will have a “lock” icon; unprotected drives will lack such icon.

Since 2014, Library & Technology Services (LTS) has used Bitlocker to securely encrypt files on computers running Microsoft Windows. Bitlocker prevents unauthorized access to files.

2016 LTS Client Satisfaction Survey Initial Report

In the Spring of 2016, Library and Technology Services (LTS) engaged an external consultant company, MOR Associates, to perform an independent assessment

Now available: Classroom Technology and Public Computers website

LTS is pleased to announce the launch of a new website that provides detailed information about technology available in classrooms and computer labs on campus.

Crashplan Desktop Computer Backup Available for Faculty & Staff

Starting September 15, 2016, Library & Technology Services will offer Code42 CrashPlan as a backup and security solution to ensure your hard day’s work is never lost or compromised.

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