Thank you for supporting the Lehigh Libraries!

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On March 27 Library and Technology Services participated Lehigh’s first-ever Giving Day, an intensive, 24-hour-long effort to engage alumni and the campus community in a celebration of support for the university.

I want to thank LTS staff, the Friends of the Lehigh Libraries, and all others who gave generously toward our $5,000 goal. We’re thrilled to report that we raised a total of $4,356 from 56 gifts! All donations are earmarked for the support and expansion of student activities and projects in both the EWFM and Linderman Libraries, the nexus of research, teaching, and learning at Lehigh.

LTS also took part in one of many exciting challenges established to encourage gift giving during the 24 hour period. We promised to treat students to free pizza in both libraries if we reached a $4,000 threshold. Thanks to your gifts, we were able to deliver!

We thank all our donors for showing their pride in the Lehigh Libraries and we look forward to participating in next year’s Lehigh Giving Day!


Bruce M. Taggart, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services