What’s the “Big Deal” with Open Access?

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In the wake of University of California’s decision not to renew its subscriptions with Elsevier, library-publisher negotiations and how they’re affected by open access have become unusually big news. You’ve read up on the basics of “big deals” at libraries, and now you want to know what Lehigh is doing.

At Lehigh, we are:

Joining collective advocacy for open access movements
As a full member of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), Lehigh is committed to exploring the full range of options for accessing and sharing scholarly content. You can take advantage of resources like their author addendum, or check out their Big Deal Cancellation Tracker for context on trends among peers institutions.

Supporting Open Access on campus
We help researchers take advantage of green open access policies to share their work without paywalls. Our own open access repository, the Lehigh Preserve, is celebrating its fifth birthday this year! Submit your scholarship to preserve@lehigh.edu, and our team will check copyright permissions then post your work open access. Lehigh Preserve can also host open access journals.

For a more personalized conversation, invite your librarians to your department meeting to talk about open access issues specific to your discipline or check out Lehigh’s guide to Open Access.

Hosting Open Access Events
Join us at Free Your Research: arXiv, preprints and open access on March 26, 2019 at 4:10pm in STEPS 101 for a faculty panel discussing arXiv and other open access preprint repositories. Keep an eye out for other workshops, like past sessions on making your research open or incorporating open educational resources into your courses. Got an idea for a workshop, or just want to talk more about open access? Contact your librarian or Carrie Baldwin-SoRelle, Scholarly Communications Librarian.